Botnet controllers being deployed in leading cloud platforms

Spamhaus has a damning report about the increasing use of Amazon and Google cloud computing platforms to host botnet command and control (C & C) servers.

Since early 2017, we at Spamhaus have seen a significant increase in the number of botnet controllers (botnet command and control servers, C&C, C2) popping up at legitimate cloud computing providers. Most have been at Amazon’s Cloud Computing platform “AWS” but we have recently seen an increase in new botnet controllers hosted on Google’s Cloud Computing platform “Compute Engine”. The chart below documents the numbers of newly detected botnet controllers at Amazon AWS and Google Compute Engine.

Botnets are frequently used by cyber criminals to distribute ransomeware, commit click fraud, evade spam filters and lunch denial-of-service attacks among others. According to Spamhaus, repeated efforts have been made to reach out to Amazon and Google about these abuse issues, but no response from them so far.

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