Top 10 Spam Producing Countries Identified

The U.S currently tops the world’s worst spam haven countries for production and export of spam. According to the latest statistics published on Spamhaus website (an international organization that tracks email spammers and spam-related activity), the number of current live spam issues in the US is put at 3328, while China ranks second on the list with a total of 1490 live spam issues (see table below for details).

Spammers use electronic messaging systems such as email to send unsolicited bulk messages (spam), also known as junk mail, especially advertising, indiscriminately.  Spam fuels Internet fraud, spreads computer viruses and other malicious software. Spam according to Spamhaus, “is an issue about consent, not content.”  The sending of unsolicited bulk email or junk mail is banned by all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) worldwide. Therefore anyone sending spam (junk mail) on the Internet, regardless of the content is violating their ISP’s terms of business contract and risks being placed on Spamhaus Block List (SBL).

Table showing list of top 10 spam producing countries: 

Country Number of Current Live Spam Issues
United States 3328
China 1490
Russian Federation 1005
United Kingdom 585
Ukraine 578
Japan 514
Brazil 425
Germany 393
Italy 380
India 342
Source:The Spamhaus Project Website

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  1. Its so annoying when I get thousaands of Emails I knw nothing about….Nigeria was nt mentioned? Dats odd…..

  2. I totally disaagree with this statistics…..Nigeria out to be mentioned

  3. Am glad for once Nigeria wasn’t ammong.

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