Nigeria adopts Pakistan’s NADRA system for NIMC’s smart ID card programme

ISLAMABAD (Via The Express Tribune ): The Nigerian government has formally inaugurated the Smart Identity Cards (ID) programme powered by the system developed by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

NIMCNigerian President Goodluck Jonathan at a ceremony in the  capital Abuja was among the first to enrol for national identity cards issued through the new system. He said, “There is a growing quest for specific databases and identity verification by several government institutions and private sector organisations in our country.”

NADRA Chairman Tariq Malik in his message said, “It is a landmark achievement which will get additional IT projects from Nigeria and other African countries.” Malik was invited to Abuja but could not make it, said the spokesperson.

It is encouraging to see that customised system indigenously developed by NADRA has now empowered the government of Nigeria in issuance of tamperproof and secure smart national ID cards to Nigerian citizens, said Malik….

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